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viewfinder productions website by jibe designs petra raschig graphic designer jibe designs website_large_ 2014 petra raschig graphic designer

Better Planet Consulting

When you’re a small business, a retired consultant – it’s pretty simple to do a basic WordPress site that works for all platforms at a good cost. Jibe also created their logo. They’re happy!
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Viewfinder Productions | Chris Wood Photography

A small photography business to highlight his favorite shots. It’s created in simple Html code and Chris updates it himself with his newest photos.


Jibe Designs | 2012

So I really loved this site. Back in 2012 the rage was 1 page scrolling and the scroll was right on this site instead of scrolling down! Back then phones were not commonplace for viewing sites on. My website had some bells & whistles in animation so it was really fun. I was sorry to see it go. That’s why I kept it up for 2 years. Not like my normal 1 year now.

The site was created in Dreamweaver using only Html, J-query and Css.