About Jibe Designs
Petra Raschig is a graphic designer at jibe designs studio with a penchant for vibrant creative design. With 9 years industry experience she can tell your story even if you have no concept of what that should look like.
freelance graphic designer, social media instigator, website creator, vancouver, marketing, posters, websites, jibe designs
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I believe we can all be

badass powerhouses

of creativity


I’ve been a graphic designer for the past 12 years and have delivered tailored design solutions to many companies and individuals. My passion is in making fresh and creative ideas fit your companies design concept, whether it’s websites, marketing kitch, logos or branding.  Even if you have no concept of what your marketing materials might look like, my mission is to help you achieve a workable solution you didn’t even think possible.


Working with startups to more established brands, I like to keep my approach flexible, my coffee strong, and have a focus on giving you the “I LOVE IT!” factor.


I build “visuals”  that build your business.

“It’s simple,” my Oma said. “Be honest. Be kind.

Have fun out there. And at the end of each day, say  Thank You.”

Jibe's Services

We strive to provide you with a unique, affordable and creative design that fits the budget of your small to medium sized business. Whether you’re just starting out or your looking to refresh, I can help do it right.

I understand that it’s important to stand out so I get pretty excited when clients say “I don’t want to look anything like my competition!”  Our main services include:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Website Maintenance
Web Design & Development

We pretty much all have to have a website or social media presence these days. But the question is “what’s the best space for your individual needs”? With “jibes” simple, edgy development and design solutions, you can ensure your website is built on a rock solid framework that provides you with the tools you need to continue to grow, and not all the other stuff that’s not necessary.

The cost is individualized as one size does not fit all. I keep up with the latest trend, so you don’t have to, and I employ other design “techies” when (and if) you request a more complicated design.  We aim to please.

Website Tweaking

Does your website need a drastic update? Or do you just need a few design changes or help with graphics when you’re re-designing, using squarespace, wix or other design platforms? I’ll address your business needs head on and get you up to speed with current web trends and standards.

Branding & Social Media

Together we will establish an identity and brand voice that aligns with your philosophy, makes an impact across all media channels and resonates with your market. In today’s fast changing digital age, are you using all your social media channels to your advantage? With so many available, it’s hard to keep up. Let’s help you cater to your followers and get the growth you deserve.

Print Materials

Capture your audience and further spread your message with eye-catching print design for your marketing needs.  Bada boom badda bing.

What's It Going To Cost?

Ahhh that’s always the thousand dollar question! And as it should be.

Firstly we have a conversation.  I have to understand your business, and the unique story that only your brand can tell. Consensus is key. Afterwards is the time to float some ballpark ranges of cost that I offer.

My mission is to fuse great web design, customer service, and affordability together for my clients.  I don’t mean to be elusive about “how much” but let’s talk first.  I promise we can both benefit.

Have a project in mind? Let’s work together…