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We're a boutique design studio specializing in web & graphics for small biz-ness's



John Doe

Petra Raschig

Petra is a tireless seeker of knowledge, occassional purveyor of wisdom and also, coincidentally, a graphic designer. She likes to keep it simple, on track and fun for both client and the team. She works in HTML, (like her geeky friend Pablo), Wordpress, PHP and loves designing marketing materials. It's all her creative stuff you see here. When Petra's not in front of a computer, she can be found on the water, or in it.

Creative Director
Jane Helf

Pablo Margain

Pablo is a dynamite designer with a thing for manipulating big data in cool ways. We call in Pablo when we have a real techie masterpiece to figure out! With experience in all code and a bunch of other languages that are foreign to most people, he could probably write an old Nintendo game if he wanted to (he doesn't want to). In his spare time he plays one of his 7 guitars and does alot of awesome side projects.

Joshua Insanus

Heather Lea

Heather is in a leaque of her own. She's like Shakespear(ette) with a brilliant sense of humour. Heather's written articles for Canadian National Geographic and runs her own magazine called REVED Media & Design . Heather is our "go-to" gal(ette) when a client needs a freelance writer.




we keep it simple. or not.


Our goal is to provide you with unique, affordable and creative design that fits the budget of your small to medium sized business. Whether you’re just starting out or your looking to refresh, we can help.

We understand that it’s important to stand out so we get pretty excited when people say “I don’t want to look anything like my competition!” . That being said our main services include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Website Design & Development (WordPress & HTML platform)

We are jibe designs, and we’re only happy when you’re very happy! We keep up with the latest trend, so you don't have to. We believe in "giving back" so 1% of all we earn goes to environmental issues.


Are you taking advantage of the fastest growing marketing medium available today - the internet? With our simple, edgy development and design solutions, you can ensure your website is built on rock solid framework that provides you with the tools you need to continue to grow.
Does your website need a drastic update? Is your website responsive to all the new phone technologies? We will address your business needs head on and get you up to speed with current web trends and standards.
In today's fast changing digital age, are you using all your social media channels to your advantage? With so many available, it's hard to keep up. Let's help you cater to your followers and get the growth you deserve.


We are jibe designs and we would absolutely love to hear from you

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